Shopping for a best mattress: review

A mattress is a secondary need in the household. We spend a third of our day on it and we should always get the best if we want to enjoy quality sleep. Getting the best mattress does not only revolve around walking into a store and buying any mattress that fits your budget. Mattress reviews are a good source of information when you are planning to buy a mattress. The reviews inform you on which mattress is the most comfortable, which one is durable and which one offers therapeutic and ergonomic sleep.

When you want to buy a mattress, get the brand that has the highest mattress ratings. These ratings enable you to narrow down your choice to a couple of the best brands. For people whose weight is above average, you will most likely need a high density or medium density mattress. You can check the ratings of mattresses on websites of mattress stores online.

How to buy best mattress? Mattress shopping tips review

While shopping for a mattress, the following are the major factors that you should consider:


The difference in densities varies the comfort and durability of the mattresses. The medium density is more comfortable since it hugs the body slightly and allows you to sink into for just a couple of centimeters. Always take a basic test of mattress comfort before you narrow down on your choice of mattress. You can lie on the mattress of your choice for around 10 minutes to give you an exact feel of how you will feel when you sleep on it. A good store will have the salesman suggest a number of choices based on your weight and preference.

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If you are looking for a therapeutic mattress, you should look for a medium density or consult your doctor for a specific prescription. The interior material is the determinant of the quality of mattress you buy. Mattresses that are only made with foam are cheaper than mattresses made with springs in them. The reason why you should test a mattress is to make sure you enjoy sleeping on the padding. If you can feel the springs in the mattress, then that may not be the best choice. The good thing this is that you can settle for a firmer mattress with a shorter length or a softer one which is longer.

The size of your bed should be the second determinant of the mattress you buy after your comfort. You do not want to buy a mattress that will leave empty spaces on either side of the bed.

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Affordability and Variety

You should not make the mistake most of the people make when they are shopping for a mattress. It is always advisable to shop in a mattress store. Many people buy their mattresses in furniture shops where they cost more expensive and there is no variety. While the furniture stores provide convenience, you need to shop in a mattress store where you can order a custom made mattress or choose from a wide range of mattresses.

If you are looking for affordability and you do not mind about the durability, you can settle for a low density mattress that is soft and not very thick width-wise.


If you are looking for a durable mattress, you should consider buying a high density or a medium density mattress. If you can afford a pillow top mattress, go for it. It saves you the trouble of having to flip over the mattress after every three months to make it last.

Money back Guarantee

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When you want to buy a mattress, you should consider shopping in a shop that offers a money back guarantee. A shop that gives you the option of returning the mattress you buy for a different one if you are not comfortable with your first choice is ideal even if its prices are a couple of dollars higher.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, you have a whole month to see if your body will adjust to your new mattress and if you are still not content with the new mattress, you can change for another one.

To ensure that you get the best bargain, always get a mattress that has added advantages like being water and fire proof. Water proof mattresses are ideal for kids that wet their bed and they are also good for outdoor beds.

A mattress is an investment and you should insist on a long term warranty.

Most of the warranties on original mattresses offer a 10 year guarantee. Be wary of mattresses that have short warranty periods.

Value for Money

Recent mattress reviews have shown that once in a while, a consumer reports mattresses that were bought as high density but they shrink quickly and lose shape. This is mainly a product that is not genuine but was disguised with the brand name of a genuine and renowned brand twisted slightly and the customer fell for the fake brand. You could find a mattress with the word mattress written as mattres or matress and because the first name of the brand was similar to that of a brand that you know, you fell for the fake brand.

For best mattress prices we recommend to visit Amazon or Cymax store.

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Some people do not know the correct spelling of the word mattress. Someone will comfortable search for a matress store online while others will be looking for a mattres. Once in a while, you will even see a mattress store that is branded with the word mattress spelled wrongly. An example will be a mattress store branded Dante Matresses. A large number of people will not even notice the difference when mattress is written incorrectly. This could cost you a great deal when you are buying a mattress. That missing letter in the word matress might make you but a fake brand unawares.

Mattress Short Comings

Mattress reviews show that high density mattresses are uncomfortable. They are made with extremely thick padding which does not hug and sooth the body. Sleeping on it feels like sleeping on a hard surface. Some of the medium density mattresses might also feel like this.